BEASTMOUNT - take a different perspective

The Dutch Pro-Kiter and Freestyle Judge Bram Bast knows about the problems of the linemount for your action cam - but here is the solution! Check out the products of our latest partner.

Everyone knows about the problem - you finally bought a GoPro and the different accessoires for it. You can't wait for your next session to use your linemount for the first time - then finally you can film your sessions while your action cam hangs in your lines.

At the end of the day you transfer your clips on your computer - and well - you might be disappointed as you recognize that the result of the video didn't came out as you thought. 


Bram Bast developed great mounts for kiteboarding and wakeboarding. His goal is to develop mounts that allows you to create movies and pictures while the rider is always in the center of attention. We can't wait to use the BEASTMOUNT at the upcoming event.


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