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The online registration is closed. You can only register directly at the event.

WorldCup Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions
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Rider Information 


The schedule may change due to the weather and wind conditions. Every participant need to register at the event side in person and need to attend the Skippers-Meeting to avoid penalties or disqualification.

The registration at the event side will close as stated:

-        Long Distance Race – 15th  February 2019 10:30 am (local time)

-        Race and Freestyle – 16th & 17th February 2019 09:30 am (local time)

The online pre-registration will close on 11th February 06:00 pm.

Disciplines and categories

The disciplines are „Long Distance Race“, „Race“ and „Freestyle“. The Freestyle competition will only start if there is enough snow. The event will offer the following categories: men and women snowboard and ski. For every discipline there need to be a minimum of three registered participants. The minimum age is 12 years. This junior category (12-18 years) will require written permission from their parent or legal guardian. (* also applies to juniors 12-18 years)

WORLD CUP Level has only the race competition. All other disciplines are not titled WORLD CUP.

All disciplines will follow the rules for Snowkite competitions based on IKA, CKI, FIV and the Race Director.

The Race Director will announce the formats, safety instructions and rules at the Skippers Meeting. All information will be published at the Notice Board. “Last Minute” information will be announced by the local commentator.


Please find the registration deadlines pointed below as states at “program”. The online registration is already open. Online registration can be make via our websites and Also have a look at our Facebook Fanpage: Campionato italiano Snowkite. The registration can be only finalized by the online payment.

Disciplines and costs

Entry fee only for Long Distance discipline = 45 Euro (1 day)

Entry fee for one discipline = 85 Euro (Race or Freestyle/ 2 days)

Entry fee for Long Distance and one discipline = 120 Euro (Race or Freestyle, Long Distance/ 3 days)


Attention: It can only be started in one discipline. As freestyle and racing can take place at the same time.



Every rider need to wear a helmet at any time of the competition. Every kite needs to include the standard safety-equipment (Quickrelease, Saftey-Leash). The rider can use all kind of kites in every size.


Every participant need to take their own decision of taking part and continuing the competition. Every rider is taking part at his/her own risk and responsibility. The organizers accept no liability for any damage to persons or property, both on land as well as in the Snowkite-area. Italian citizens must present a medical certificate of Italian law "Legge Balduzzi". Mandatory!


The first three places will be honored with medals and goodies (if provided)
WORLDCUP Reschen Competition: The first three places will be honored with medals and goodies (if provided)

Italian Competition: The first three places will be honored with medals and goodies (if provided)

German Competition: The first three places will be honored with medals and goodies (if provided)


For starter-number the participant need to pay a deposit of 30 €, which will be returned at the end of the event.

Racing Area

The competition area will change due to the wind direction. At every Skippers-Meeting the course will be announced.


Friday, February 

10:00h Registration "Long Distance" at the event

10:55h Registration Deadline

11:00h Riders Meeting

12:00h Possible Start "Long Distance"

16:00h End of the competitions and après kite 


Saturday, February 16th

08:30h Registration Racing and Freestyle at the event

09:30h Registration Deadline

10:00h Riders Meeting

11:00h Possible Start Race / Freestyle

16:00h End of the competitions and après kite in the tent

Kulturhaus Reschen

20:00h Rider Dinner 

21:00h Award Ceremony "Long Distance Race" 


22:00h Official Worldcup Party


Sunday, February 17th

10:00h Riders Meeting

10:30h Possible Start Race / Freestyle

15:00h End of the competitions

16:00h Award ceremony of the "Italian Champions" "German Champions" and "Snowkite Worldcup Resia Champions"

The schedule may change depending on weather conditions.